Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Chapter 5

Emma looked at Richie; damn he really was handsome as sin. Her brain threw up several sins she’d like to commit with him before she could stop it. ‘Some use you were.’

‘Hell darlin, there was no way in hell I was butting in on you. You’d have ripped me a new one. Shit woman, do you realise I’ve never seen those guys that whipped! Freakin priceless.’ He turned his charm on, and Emma could feel her knees beginning to buckle.

‘I think we’d better start this evening off again, what do you say Emma.’ Hearing her name said by him, he’d dropped it several octaves, she shivered.

Her brain seized up for a second, and then kicked back in, ‘Yeah ok.’

He moved her so she was once again stood in the door way. Emma frowned.

‘Good evening mam, my names Richie, and I’ve been chosen to be your Valentine surprise for the evening.’ He held the roses and chocolates towards her. She realised they were white ones, David no doubt.

Taking them from him she buried her nose in them, ‘There beautiful, my favourite actually. Did Joker tell you?’

‘They are, no he didn’t. He told me a little about you and I thought you seemed like a woman who’d appreciate white roses.’ He smiled down at her. Leaning down he brushed a gentle kiss across her lips, ‘Nice to finally meet you Emma, they should have strong-armed me sooner.’ She tasted vaguely of jack.

Emma forgot her name. Holy fuck he’d kissed her, she could now die a happy woman! She realised he was waiting for her to respond to him, well verbally as her body was already on alert. ‘Hey Richie it’s nice to meet you too. I’m sorry I didn’t want to meet you before, well I did we just never made the same place or time.’ She laughed. ‘But I didn’t want you to feel obligated to take me on a date, because I was a friend of David’s.’ She gave a self depicting smile.

They both laughed and relaxed. ‘Why don’t you bring that champagne in and we can have a drink. Please excuse the way I look, I really wasn’t expecting a rock star to turn up on my doorstep.’ She laughed again. ‘Anyone would think I’d raided David’s wardrobe.’

Richie laughed; he’d thought the same thing. ‘Well darlin, what were you doing before I interrupted you?’ He closed the door behind him and walked into her inviting home.

She laughed and took him into the lounge, showing him the paused picture on the screen, a glass of jack, popcorn and a slab of chocolate there too, he laughed. ‘What’s the film?’

‘I was going for the Blade trilogy.’ She looked longingly at her favourite film.

Richie shucked his jacket off, revealing a snug black t-shirt and tight jeans. Emma swallowed. If he’s not careful I might just jump him! ‘Damn a woman after my own heart.’ He sat in one corner of the couch, and looked questioningly at her.

‘You mean you want to watch it with me?’ She couldn’t believe for a minute he would.

He reached up and pulled her down onto the couch, reaching over her, his lips near her ear; he swiped the bowl of popcorn and started to shovel it into his mouth. ‘Yeah.’ He grinned at her, she smelt good.

In a daze she reached for the remote, just as her cell beeped with a text. Looking at it she laughed, and then showed Richie. It read:-

‘Shorty, hope u lk yr VD pres. We not sorry, u NEED man and R is it!’ It was signed the three stooges.

Richie’s cell went off. Grinning he pulled it out and flipped it open. His read:-

‘U fuck this up, yr a dead man!’ Showing Emma they both snorted and laughed at their friends.

They settled back, ‘Hey stop hogging the corn Sambora?’ Emma couldn’t reach it as he’d put it on his table. And unless she wanted to scoot over to his side then crawl over him to get it, she couldn’t. Shit, brain slammed to a stop at the tableau she painted of her crawling over him. Damn it got hot in there!

‘Well if you move closer you should reach it.’ His grin was pure evil; she prayed he wasn’t a mind reader.

‘If you where a gentleman you’d put it in the middle of the couch.’ She squeaked as he reached over, and hauled her to his side. He was sat at an angle now, and Emma tucked under his arm, leaning back into him; his hand hanging lazily near her breast, playing with her hair. Shit!

He put the bowl on her lap. ‘Honey, I’ve never attested to being a gentleman.’ His other hand was burrowing into the bowl, hitting the bottom directly over her. She could feel his fingers scrabbling for the corn. She was dying slowly by desire.

She finally pressed the start button again. After ten minutes or so they both became engrossed in the film.

Richie lent down to here ear, ‘Em, happy valentines day darling.’

She shivered, yes it was.